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    I'm Lauren, and at my roots, I'm a Southern girl with lots of love for my hometown, big cups of coffee, family breakfasts on Saturday morning, and college football. My family has lived all over the Southeast, but I was born in and have spent the majority of my life in North Carolina, and it's a place I'm so proud to call home. Currently, my business is based in Raleigh, NC, but I'll travel just about anywhere!

    You'll get to know me best by wandering through these pages of photographs, but I'll get to know you best over coffee or (my personal favorite) pie! Don't hesitate to drop me a line if you have any questions, or even if you just want to say hello. I can't wait to meet you!

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Stephanie Ann Cooke | Bridals

It’s always special for me to post bridal portraits, and I’ll always readily admit that bridal sessions are my most favorite!  But, they’re even more special when they belong to a dear friend, and I’ve been so excited for Stephanie’s wedding for some time.  She and I met back in 2012 when we joined the same Bible study small group, and her wedding to John this past weekend was one of the most relaxed, beautiful, and celebratory days ever!  Stephanie was an effortlessly gracious and beautiful bride, and I’m so thrilled to share these images of her at her beloved Peace College (and at NC State’s amazing bell tower)!  Special thanks go to her sister, Abby, who became quite the expert at arranging Stephanie’s train and giving her veil a gentle toss!  Congratulations, Stephanie and John!



Caroline & Ryan | Married

Oh, this wedding.  So many incredible people were involved in it, including some of my nearest and dearest friends, and it was truly a labor of love from beginning to end.  Caroline is a dear friend of mine from my Bible study small group, and she never, ever fails to have me in stitches every time we’re together.  When I finally met her sweet, hilarious, wonderful family back in May, it was almost as if I had known them my whole life!  She has three sisters and two amazing parents, all of whom are salt of the earth people who just know how to love on others.  Ryan’s family is also one of the sweetest I could have ever hoped for.  His dad even sent me a Facebook message the day after the wedding thanking me for all I had done!  What more could I ever ask?!

One of the sweetest moments of the day happened amidst all the hustle and bustle of the girls making final preparations before heading down the aisle.  Joe, the videographer from Shoeless Works (see their wedding video here), quieted everyone so that he could interview Caroline about her relationship with Ryan and how she was feeling on her big day.  The feelings she shared were so sweet and so genuine that everyone in the room was bawling and trying to keep themselves (silently) together!  It’s no secret that wedding days can get crazy, but those little moments are invaluable when it comes to putting things back into perspective.  And in the time I’ve spent with Caroline since her big day, it’s been extremely clear that nurturing her marriage is her first priority.

Caroline and Ryan, the beauty of your day speaks for itself.  It’s one of the most visually stunning I’ve ever seen, but most of all, it was glorifying to God and was a true service of worship.  As a couple, you have so much to offer others and so much true potential to grow a marriage that really does reflect Christ’s love for his children.  I am so, so excited for you, but I’m even more excited to see what life will bring your way.  It is the biggest honor I could imagine to have been involved in your day, from the early planning stages to the final getaway, and I hope these pictures mean even half as much to you as they do to me.  I love you.

Rachel & Joe | Married

If I had to pick just one word to describe Rachel and Joe’s big day, it would be joyous, from start to finish.  Thoughtfully planned and absolutely gorgeous, of course, but the best moments of the day were the ones no one thought much about beforehand.  As I set up Rachel’s bridal portrait in the reception hall hours before the ceremony, her mom cried and hugged me.  The prayer Rachel and her bridesmaids shared before the wedding brought everyone to tears.  And when the dance floor opened, Rachel and Joe proved to have some of the BEST dancers and partiers among their friends.  It’s clear that they are dearly and deeply adored, just as much as they adore one another.

This pair decided to do a first look to relieve a little stress (and give them some extra dancin’ time later), and it was beautiful to watch Rachel give Joe his first Protestant Bible and Joe give Rachel, an avid runner and 2013 Boston Marathon alum, an ID tag with her brand new last name.  Everything they did and said touched on something bigger than themselves, which is, really, a perfect picture of how they choose to live their lives.

Rachel and Joe, cheers to you and your new bigger, warmer, and more splendid family!  I am so honored to have been a part of your first day of marriage, and even more honored to count you as friends.

Firefly Interactive Media

Cathy and Brynne are a couple of the most ambitious ladies I know (and I make it a point to surround myself with ambitious people)!  Together, they started Firefly Interactive Media a few years ago, after they both had undergraduate degrees from the UNC School of Journalism & Mass Communication and graduate degrees from Elon University.  Super smart ladies, to say the least!  Firefly is a story-telling communications agency dedicated to small businesses and non-profits in the Triangle, and most recently, they’ve served clients such as Achieving the Dream, UNC, Burt’s Bees, UNC-TV, and Wake Tech.  They are especially dedicated to highlighting the efforts these organizations make to serve and reach their communities through brand development, graphic design, film production, and a number of other creative avenues, so it was really special to spend some time in the one they call home! We criss-crossed the American Tobacco Campus, which is full of gorgeous little nooks and crannies and is one of the most beautiful and innovative places in the area.

I consider myself extremely lucky to have spent a morning with these ladies, as I’m sure this won’t be the last you see of them!  And, I hope that since our industries bump shoulders a little bit, we’ll get to work together again soon.  I couldn’t pick two more fabulous ladies to show off today!

Molly & Bradley | Married

My best friend’s wedding.  My best friend’s wedding.  If we’re lucky, we all get to experience it once in our lifetimes, and I’m certainly not alone when I say it is magic.  Hollywood makes films about it, books are written about it, and even Thought Catalog published this extremely timely article about it (that I will admit brought me to tears the moment I read it).  And because Molly and Brad chose not to have a wedding party, their kids will one day flip through these very pictures, pictures that I got to take.  That I’m so blessed and humbled to have captured.

There aren’t really words to describe what it feels like to have a sister you chose, who doesn’t share your blood but shares your life, bring someone new into the fold who you know is a perfect complement, who fills in all the holes and forms intentional relationships with her family and friends, simply because they matter to her.  And not only that, but he has a family of his own who you just want to be around.  All the time.  This was my first time meeting any of Brad’s family, and  it’s a shame they live so far away, because I think we would be seriously good friends given another hour or two together.  And Brad and Molly, who routinely go to great lengths to make sure their close friends also feel like family, truly orchestrated what could have been confused for a huge family reunion.  There were friends and family there from all over the country, but by the end of the night, I was hugging people goodbye who I had only met four hours prior.

For the record, May in DC is the perfect time to get married.  Not scorchingly hot, not as many tourists, and spring has been around just long enough to make everything extra green.  Their small, intimate wedding took place at the Arts Club of Washington, where Chris and his team pulled off an astoundingly beautiful and well-organized event.  I can’t say enough good things, and I know there were plenty of details pulled together that even I overlooked, simply because they were handled so gracefully and carefully.

Molly and Brad, what a joy and an absolute pleasure it is to share your wedding with the world today.  You couldn’t mean more to me, and I think it’s obvious in these images that you soaked up every bit of your day and never lost sight of why you were there.  I promise to happily flip through them with you every time you ask, to shove them obnoxiously in front of your future children, and to always pray that, of all your married days, this will be the one where you loved each other the least.  I love you both.

July 10, 2013 - 5:35 pm

Krista Johnson - Oh, Lauren! What an ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE writer and photographer you are! Come! Move! Can’t wait to see you again!

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