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Monthly Archives: August 2012

Katie & Michael | Engaged

I’m taking a break from The Birthday Project posts for the next couple of days to give this couple the attention they’re due!  Katie and Michael are, at their core, just a very, very sweet couple.  I usually give my brides and grooms a pep talk before engagement sessions, just because I know it can […]

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The Birthday Project | Day 10 | Help-Portrait

Help-Portrait is one of those organizations that is exceptionally well-known in the photography community, especially since it was started by Jeremy Cowart, a renowned Nashville-based photographer.  Its mission is to encourage photographers across the word, every holiday season, to find a person or a family in need and take portraits of them.  The point is […]

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The Birthday Project | Days 8 & 9 | Work Life

It’s been a busy week, y’all!  And even though I kind of love doing these little acts of kindness for people I’ve never (and probably won’t ever) meet, it’s also especially rewarding to do them for the people I’m around everyday, because I get to see their reactions, and let’s be honest, what goes around […]

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The Birthday Project | Day 7 | Starbucks Card

There’s a Starbucks about a mile from my office, and I hav to admit, I spend more lunch hours there than I probably should.  But sometimes, in the middle of the day, you just need a Venti sweetened iced coffee.  Sometimes you need it intravenously. So, I decided yesterday that I would grab a Starbucks […]

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