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Monthly Archives: November 2012

Monty & Katharine | Happily Married

You won’t meet two people more genuine, more caring, or more deeply devoted to sharing the joy of the Lord than Monty and Katharine.  They have been friends of my family’s for years, and about six years ago, they were married under a gazebo right here in downtown Wake Forest.  Since then, they have devoted […]

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Wordy Wednesday | Thanksgiving Edition

We’ve all been posting what we’re thankful for on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and just about everywhere else, so I thought I could dedicate Wordy Wednesday to Thanksgiving this week, as well!  If you’re already celebrating, I hope you’re warm and cozy with a big cup of apple cider, and if you’re still at work (like […]

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Amanda & Nick | Happily Married

In this age of Facebook and Twitter and Pinterest and Instagram and about a bajillion other things that allow you to call someone a “friend” for years without actually seeing her more than a handful of times, it’s easy for real friendships to fall by the wayside.  Especially the ones you found when you were […]

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Wordy Wednesday | Ruth 1:16-17

My small group, which is full of some of the best friends I ever hope to have, just wrapped up a six-week series on the book of Ruth, which we studied through Kelly Minter’s daily devotional guide.  Ruth is such a short book, yet it’s one of the most clear and beautiful stories of God’s […]

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The Minter Family

It’s true of most families, but this one really is beyond precious.  When Stephanie first e-mailed me, she was so excited to have new pictures of her family taken, both because it’s Christmas card season and because they hadn’t done them in a while. And with an adorable two-year-old, I can only imagine that time […]

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