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Music Monday | Hanson

Y’all, I don’t even have a good reason for posting this song today, except that it’s Hanson and that means I don’t need a reason.  You probably wouldn’t put it in a wedding slideshow (since, hopefully, you’re not already trying to “get the girl back” after eight weeks of marriage), and you probably wouldn’t first-dance-it-up […]

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Music Monday | The Band Perry

What a wonderful Mother’s Day weekend it was around here!  On Saturday, I helped Amanda shop for her firstborn’s crib, and we found a beautiful one at Target that I think will just look gorgeous with the decor she has in mind!  She’s showing just enough to make it seem real now, but I know […]

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Music Monday | Sugar & the Hi-Lows

I know, I know… three Music Mondays in a row and no pictures!  It’s a travesty.  But not really, because the reason I haven’t posted any pictures recently is that I’ve been too busy TAKING them!  I kid you not, I took pictures for FOUR different groups of people this weekend, each just as fun […]

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Music Monday | Regina Spektor

I don’t know about your area, but here in Raleigh, it’s just a teensy bit gross outside!  Kinda drippy rain and a tish bit cold, definitely not the kind of weather that makes you hop out of bed!  So, today’s Music Monday is just a sweet little Regina Spektor song that totally makes you want […]

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Music Monday | Hunter Hayes

Some of y’all (well, hopefully more than some) will remember the post I did about a month ago on wanting to share what it’s really like to be a wedding photographer and wade through new-business-ownership.  (For those of you wondering, I did survive tax season!)  But I have to confess something: the longer I work […]

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