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    I'm Lauren, and at my roots, I'm a Southern girl with lots of love for my hometown, big cups of coffee, family breakfasts on Saturday morning, and college football. My family has lived all over the Southeast, but I was born in and have spent the majority of my life in North Carolina, and it's a place I'm so proud to call home. Currently, my business is based in Raleigh, NC, but I'll travel just about anywhere!

    You'll get to know me best by wandering through these pages of photographs, but I'll get to know you best over coffee or (my personal favorite) pie! Don't hesitate to drop me a line if you have any questions, or even if you just want to say hello. I can't wait to meet you!

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The Freeman Family

The thing that struck me the most about the Freeman family wasn’t their size (I’ve never met a more friendly bunch of eight!), but the fact that they all purposefully and genuinely take care of one another.  The three older girls (Katie, Emily, and Lauren) watch after and love on the three younger boys (Jackson, Carter, and Brooks) so sweetly!  Katie is already an awesome lacrosse player at Bridgewater College in Virginia, and I’m sure her sisters and brothers won’t be far behind!

Candi and Rick (like the Verwyses) are superparents and have built such a warm, lovely household for their family, and I loved that Candi wanted photos that depicted real life, not posed portraits.  The light was beautiful that day, and I think the gorgeous weather brought out their personalities all the more!

Enjoy meeting the Freemans!


The Brandts | Just Because

Rachael and Peter are just such wonderful people.  I met them through the dozens of brilliant Cedarville grads that I got to know in DC (including my best friend, Molly), and Rachael herself is a brilliant photographer!  She even helped me shoot Chelsea and Ryan’s wedding in March, for which I could never thank her enough!

These two got married in January of 2011 in Agawam, MA, and even though I didn’t know them well when they sent out their wedding invitations, they were sweet enough to invite me at the last minute (via napkin invitation at Good Stuff, haha!), so I booked my flight immediately!  Their wedding was snowy, chilly, and an absolute blast and a half.  Shortly after they got married, they added their feisty dog, Elbie, to the mix!  He’s a ball of fire, but he was classy enough to dress up for our session.

Have fun getting to know the Brandts!

The Verwys Family

This family couldn’t be more fun if they tried!  When I took these pictures back in June of last year, Andrea and Nate had four adorable little blondes named Grace, Rita, Sam, and Ellen.  Now, they’re about to welcome baby number five!  But Sam and Nate will remain the men of the family, because the new baby is a girl!

All of their children have such a zest for life, and what I loved about photographing them was that real life continued, despite the large camera in the room.  Storytime on the couch was a contest for a coveted spot in Mommy or Daddy’s lap, and Grace and Rita weren’t afraid to show me how they could play the piano together, giggling the whole way through.

This family has so much love for one another, and Andrea truly is a supermom!  And did I mention they are huge Michigan fans?  Sam and I even sang The Victors together.  Any family that loves football has a very special place in my heart.

Meet the Verwyses!

September 6, 2012 - 5:29 am

The Verwys Family » Lauren Winstead Photography - […] be hard-pressed to find a group of more beautiful children, and all with their own personalities.  The Verwyses were one of the first families I photographed, and after they had their fifth baby this July, […]

Clara & Bob | Engaged

This couple is so very, very special to me.  When I moved to Washington, DC in July of 2010, I hardly knew a single soul there, but my sweet pastor’s wife had a friend who lived there and had studied at Cedarville University in Ohio.  She gave her a quick call, and miraculously, I was linked up with Clara, who was just graduating from Cedarville and planning to move to DC for a brand new job on Capitol Hill.  We immediately decided to live together and found the most adorable townhouse in Arlington, VA (I miss that house so much)!

Well, fast-forward about three months, and Clara began dating a man she knew at Cedarville, and it was pretty clear to me (and to our other two roommates) that these two were headed straight for the altar!  Not four months after that, Bob proposed while they were on vacation in Florida!  The next four months were a whirlwind for all of us as they planned their wedding in Harrisburg, PA, near Clara’s family.

They were sweet enough to ask me to take their engagement pictures on Capitol Hill, and I treasure these images so much.  These two are doing wonderful things for the students at Cedarville these days, but Clara and I keep in touch, and the distance certainly doesn’t feel as big as it actually is!