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    I'm Lauren, and at my roots, I'm a Southern girl with lots of love for my hometown, big cups of coffee, family breakfasts on Saturday morning, and college football. My family has lived all over the Southeast, but I was born in and have spent the majority of my life in North Carolina, and it's a place I'm so proud to call home. Currently, my business is based in Raleigh, NC, but I'll travel just about anywhere!

    You'll get to know me best by wandering through these pages of photographs, but I'll get to know you best over coffee or (my personal favorite) pie! Don't hesitate to drop me a line if you have any questions, or even if you just want to say hello. I can't wait to meet you!

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Caroline Grace Pickens | Bridals

Well, if you were there you already know, but if you weren’t, let me just tell you.  Caroline and Ryan’s wedding was impossibly, ridiculously, exceptionally beautiful.  Everything was planned down to the very last detail with such care and consideration for family legacy, love, and most of all, the Lord.  Their families have been hard at work for the entirety of their engagement, and the result was an absolute blast of a party that I’m just itching to share with you!

But, until then, I’m going to bring you an impossibly, ridiculously, exceptionally beautiful bride, who is not only dearly loved by her new husband, but by so many of those who know her.  Caroline is one of those rare jewels who approaches life unselfishly and with side-splitting humor (seriously, we’re in stitches every time we’re together), and her refreshing take on life has been such a blessing to me since I moved back to Raleigh a year and a half ago.  One of my first memories of our friendship was riding through the rural backwoods of Chatham County trying to find a rural enough location for her engagement pictures, and by the end of our big adventure, we were both crying from laughter at nothing in particular.  That’s when I think we knew our friendship would be forever, and to my absolute delight, her family is just as wonderful and has become an extension of my own.  I just adore them!

Caroline, I love you.  I loved your wedding, I loved how you took in the quiet moments and let yourself feel the whole day.  You are a treasure in my life, and these bridal portraits are some I know I’ll cherish for a very long time.  The Lord has blessed you with a strong new marriage, and He has blessed me with a lifetime friendship that I know will only make these pictures sweeter as the years go by.  I’m rooting for you.

Lauren & Chris | Engaged

Lauren and Chris are just plain ol’ FUN.  They’re the kind of couple you hope you’ll always work with.  The kind who are so clearly head over heels for one another, you don’t even have to ask them to kiss, they just do it!  The kind who are up for all your crazy ideas and who leave telling you just how excited they are to see their pictures!

I could search the world and not find a sweeter bride than Lauren.  We’ve only known each other for about three months now, but she has so much joy and energy and zeal for life, and one of my favorite memories of her was when she teared up in our very first meeting over just the THOUGHT of marrying Chris.  How could I ever ask for more than that?!  And Chris is her absolute perfect match.  He is warm, friendly, encouraging, and just as up-for-anything as she is.  And most of all, he is the consummate Southern gentleman (even though he’s from New York!), and he happily put up with all the stuff we toted around this engagement session!  They are just so pumped and READY to get married, and I can already tell their wedding is going to be one heck of a party!

We spent most of our afternoon at the Raleigh Little Theatre Rose Garden before we transitioned over to the Boylan Bridge for some classic shots of the Raleigh skyline!  So, enjoy getting to know Lauren and Chris, and I hope you leave with a smile as infectious as Lauren’s!

Cooper | At the Lake

Last weekend, I took off with some sweet friends to Lake Hyco, where my friend, Amanda, and her family have a lake house.  It’s one of the prettiest places you could imagine, and her family welcomed us like we were their own!  We tanned, tubed, and most importantly, my dear friend, Stephanie, asked me to be a bridesmaid in her wedding this fall!  If you want a surefire way to make me cry, all you have to do is ask me that.  So, of course I said yes, and you can only imagine all the wedding (and bachelorette party) ideas floating through my head right now!

Anyway, this post actually isn’t about any of that… it’s about Amanda’s nephew, a sweet, playful, and all-around adorable Golden Retriever puppy named Cooper!  I took my camera to the lake, so of course that meant we had a mini dog photo shoot, and I promised a few people I would share them.  Cooper belongs to Amanda’s sister, Blair, and her husband, Luke, who were away last weekend, so he got a little vacation (and a lot of attention)!  He’s so, so smart, and like any Golden, he loves to swim, so watching him splash around with such joy was one of the best parts of the day.

Hope y’all enjoy, and go hug your pups!

Music Monday | Hanson

Y’all, I don’t even have a good reason for posting this song today, except that it’s Hanson and that means I don’t need a reason.  You probably wouldn’t put it in a wedding slideshow (since, hopefully, you’re not already trying to “get the girl back” after eight weeks of marriage), and you probably wouldn’t first-dance-it-up to this one, but who knows, you might play it at your reception!  All I know is that I’m crazy proud to still be a ginormous Hanson fan after fourteen years (that’s more than half of my life, people!) and that they still get played on the radio.


Elizabeth & Jay | Married

The best weddings are the ones where you feel like you come home with twenty new best friends, and Elizabeth and Jay’s certainly set the bar high!  Both of their families are full of some of the most gracious people you could ever hope to meet, not to mention their bridesmaids and groomsmen, who were not only sweet as pie, but were relaxed and joyous, soaking in every moment of the day.

Elizabeth is a classic bride (after all, we met in golf class in college), and there isn’t a more perfect word for how she looked that day, except “elegant”.  And fittingly, the weekend after the world lost such a colorful soul in Lilly Pulitzer, her bridesmaids wore stunning spring Lilly dresses that tied the whole event together.  E & J were married in a beautiful church in Rocky Mount on one of April’s most gorgeous days, and it’s such a pleasure for me to share this wedding with you today.  One that was full of personality, warmth, faith, and genuine excitement for this new little family.  And special thanks to my amazing, talented, ridiculously helpful sister, Leanna, for being my second shooter on this day!  Sometimes, I can’t even tell our shots apart, and that’s the best.

Elizabeth and Jay, I hope you take time to look back at these pictures every now and then and remember how much you are loved.  You have the best foundation for a wonderful, exceptional marriage, and it was an honor for me to capture.

July 1, 2013 - 5:17 pm

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